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Small business support

Not only is Nikki incredibly organised, she also loves paperwork. Yes I know that to many of us this is a strange concept but let’s not judge her for it. Instead take advantage of the fact that there is someone who is willing to take on those tedious, time consuming tasks freeing you up to actually run your business, create your artwork or whatever else it is you’d rather be doing instead of form filling, filing and fretting. More than a book keeper Nikki will actually deal with the day to day tedium allowing you to focus on the important and interesting.

A Handful of our Services

Here you can see a general outline of the sort of things Nikki Assists could do for you but DON’T PANIC !!! Nikki is very used to hearing “I don’t really know what I need” or “Well my problem is . . . ” and she is happy to meet with you, have a coffee and discuss how she may be able to help you. Whether it’s a specific issue you’d like to address or just freeing up your time to do more of what you love, Nikki can put together a service that fits around you.


Keeping you productive, organised and efficient

– Schedule & to-do list management and reminders
– Arranging meetings
– Taking care of paperwork
– Dealing with correspondence


Assistance with everything financial

– Do your bookkeeping
– Accounts receivable including chasing late payments
– Keep financial records updated
– Prepare financial and business reports


Grow your business with expert marketing help

– Plan and organise marketing
– Create marketing and sales material
– Updates social media
– Help optimise your website


Provide brilliant service to your customers at minimal cost

– Import orders and raise invoices
– Resolve queries and complaints
– Deal with pre-sales questions
– Process orders and payments
– Deal with sales administration
– Handle returns and refunds

The Secret to our Success Story

Nikki is one of those people who isn’t happy unless she’s busy. Luckily for her Nikki enjoys something that many business people and artists don’t and that’s paperwork.

Having done book keeping for a number of businesses over the years and helped her father with the administration of his business Nikki volunteered to help a photographer friend get his accounts in order. What she discovered was that it wasn’t just his accounts that needed sorting; in amoungst the pile of bills and invoices was unopened correspondence, bank statements, and even HMRC forms!

Nikki set about revitalising the business, initially by getting everything administration wise in order, and then, on an ongoing basis, dealing with all the low level items that the photographer tended to ignore until they became critical. Having been relieved of the burden of administration the photographer found that he had time to do what he did best, taking photos. Nikki helped him prioitise his To Do list and monitored his progress keeping him on task. In the 18 months since Nikki started helping him he has opened his own studio, and roughly doubled his turnover.

In that same 18 month period Nikki met a lot of other self employed creatives who were in exactly the same position as her photographer, amazing at what they do but not thriving simply because they do not maintain, or spend too much time, on the administrative elements of the business such as following up on potential sales leads.

If this sounds all too familiar then contact Nikki and have a chat about how she could help you to spend more time doing what you love.


Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

“Thank you so much for all your valuable help lately. Many happy admin times together”


Company name

“To my lovely admin lady Nikki, Here is the paperwork for this week. I’m not thinking I’m going to take over the world with this business but I think we are going in the right direction! or maybe ‘left’ ! Who knows, life is SO EXCITING! Thank you”


Company name

Nikki was only supposed to hep me sort out my accounts which I used to file in a cardboard box in the corner until my tax return was due. Having done that she sorted out my filing, then my correspondence. Then she followed up on some of the correspondence I had ignored and won me some extra work which more than paid for her time.

Now I don’t know what I’d do without Nikki. She has transformed my business freeing up time that I can spend behind the camera and keeping me on track to meet deadlines. I often talk to other business owners and creatives who say that they spend less than half their time actually doing what they want and my reply is now “You need a Nikki !”.

Paul Goulding

Goldseal Photography

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